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Deer Candy Grafted American Persimmon - early drop

Item #: Deer Candy Grafted American Persimmon
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    The Deer Candy tree!  Deer seek out persimmons and will come to these trees for miles around.  Every hunter knows that deer love persimmons!

    Grafted female American Persimmons will bear fruit in only 2-3 years.  Medium sized persimmon, 1.25-1.5" long. Fruit has nutty flavor and ripens early.  Very productive, drops fruit early in September and October. Cold hardy, Zones 5-9.

    Height: 30'-50' 

    Spread: 20'-35'

    Foliage: Beautiful red-purple color in fall
    Fruit: Orange (when ripe) 1-1.5" fruit with 4-6 large flat seeds ripens Sep-Oct
    Wildlife: Excellent for deer and wildlife.

    Light requirements: Full sun 

    Pollination: Do not need a pollinator

    Soil type: Adapted to upland, wet if only seasonal and well drained or sandy clay or loam; Ph 6.0-7.0
    Pruning: Central leader
    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 5-9

    Size Shipped 18"- 36" container grown.

    Available at farm for pickup: 3-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.


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