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Weed Mats

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    Weed Mats shade out weeds to allow your tree's roots to grow out along the surface of the soil, the way they do naturally, without the competition from grass and weed roots. They also eliminate this competition for nutrients for your young trees. This is an excellent alternative to herbicides and manual weed control such as hoeing or cultivation. It is a must for organic plantings, or wildlife plantings where you do not come back to visit the trees regularly.

    Size of weed mats plastic Non-mesh Non-porous 40''x40'' (garden stakes do not come with the weed mats)

    • Black side up or down blocks sunlight weeds need to grow
    • White side down retains soil temperature, even at night
    • Tough, plastic film holds soil moisture where your plants need it most - in the root zone.
    • When used white side up reflected diffuse light can help ripen fruit

    Installation instructions for weed mats

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