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4' Grow Tubes

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    Grow Tubes are plastic tubes that act as mini-greenhouses that enhance the growth and protection for young trees.  Grow Tubes are valuable planting aides, especially in locations where there is less opportunity for care, such as forest or wildlife plantings, or where there is predation by deer, mice and other critters.  

    Grow Tubes decrease the need for watering, help with weed control (by protecting the tree from spray and drift from herbicide), and offer cold protection in late season frosts.  They can dramatically increase growth rates and small trees often grow out of the top of a 4' tube in 1 season! 

    Grow Tube Install tip: If your seedlings or larger sized trees have side (lateral) branches please remove them carefully using a sharp pruning shearers before installing the grow tube. Do NOT bend side branches upward to squeeze or otherwise force them into the grow tube. Doing so will encourage narrow branch crotch angles that can cause weak branching and other problems as the tree matures. Do not remove the central leader of the tree.

    Grow Tubes should be left on the seedling trees as long as they could be harmed by rodents, rabbits or deer, or when the tree diameter fills the tube.

    Make sure to order Bamboo Stakes to hold them in place.

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