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White Oak

White Oak - White Oak
White Oak - White Oak
White Oak - White Oak
White Oak - White Oak
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    Quercus alba

    White Oak is a large, relatively slow-growing native tree. It has large leaves with rounded lobes, and a scaling bark. Its large acorns are favored by deer and wildlife because of the low (bitter tasting) tannin content. Begins to bear in 20 or more years, and with crops produced every 2-3 years in October-November. Grows best in richer upland soils through out the eastern U.S.

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    Tree Form: Central Leader
    Height: 80-100'
    Spread: 30-40'
    Foliage: Deciduous large, round-lobed leaves
    Wildlife: Large acorns very good for deer and game
    Acorns - 60-100/lb, low in tannin
    Light requirements: Full sun to partial shade
    Soil type: Moist upland soils Ph 5.5-7.0
    Pruning: Pruning consists of the removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches maintaining size within your landscape

    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 4-8

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