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Live Oak

Live Oak - Live Oak
Live Oak - Live Oak
Live Oak - Live Oak
Live Oak - Live Oak
Live Oak - Live Oak
Live Oak - Live Oak
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    Quercus virginiana

    The Live Oak is the quintessential tree of the Deep South. There are few trees as impressive as a massive spreading granddaddy Live Oak. Surprisingly, they grow quite rapidly and are very long lived. They are evergreen and shed their leaves just before flowering in the early spring. The abundant acorn crop is a very valuable food for deer and wildlife, bears annually but alternates between light and heavy crops. The acorns are high in tannin. It grows all the way to south Florida, and is the most common oak species along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts, so is important to plant for food plots in these areas. Its wood is very strong and the curving branches from a large spreading oak were used as ship's ribs in the past.

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    Height: 50-80'
    Spread: 30-60'
    Foliage: Evergreen, dropping leaves briefly in spring
    Wildlife: Acorn crop valuable for deer, wildlife
    Light requirements: Full sun to partial shade
    Soil type: Well-drained soils Ph 5.5-7.0
    Pruning: Modified leader
    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 8-11

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