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Dunstan Chestnut Tree

Our nuts are bigger!
Our nuts are bigger!
Dunstan Chestnut Tree - Dunstan Chestnut
Tree Band 1 year old tree
Dunstan Chestnut Tree - Dunstan Chestnut
Tree Band Root systems - much better than field grown
3 Gallon Dunstan Chestnuts
7-gallon Dunstan Chestnut
30 gallon Dunstan Chestnuts
15-gallon Dunstan Chestnut
30 gallon Dunstan Chestnuts
45 gallon Dunstan Chestnut with nuts
30 Gallon 4 year trees
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    Dunstan Chestnuts  Castanea dentata X mollissima

    Dunstan Chestnuts™ are the best and most widely planted chestnut trees in America - they combine the excellent nut quality and tree form with guaranteed blight resistance.  There has never been an instance of Dunstan Chestnuts™ dying from the blight, and they have been grown successfully from Maine and New York, west to Illinois and Wisconsin, and south to east Texas and Florida.  They are excellent for commercial and backyard orchards, and are the best tree to plant for attracting deer and wildlife.

    Dunstan Chestnuts™ begin to bear at 3-5 years, and produce heavy annual crops (never skipping a year like oaks) of very large, sweet tasting (no tannin) nuts that average 20-35/lb in size, and can produce 20 lbs/tree after only 10 years, and as much as 50-100 lbs/tree at maturity. They are easy to grow and thrive in a variety of locations.  Plant at least 2 trees for pollination, but production is better with more trees when planted 20-50’ apart.  Ideal spacing for nut production is between 30-40' apart.


    Size Shipped 1 year old 18-36" container grown

    Height: 40-60'

    Spread: 30-40'

    Tree Form: Central Leader

    Flowers: Showy catkins

    Pollination: Plant two Dunstans' for cross pollination

    Bloom season: May

    Bears: Sep-Oct Depending on climate

    Light requirements: Full sun

    Soil type: Well-drained, non-low lying areas, sandy loam and  pH 5.0-7.0

    Fertilization: Do not fertilize at planting with a quick release fertilizer.  Once the trees are established, fertilize in early spring (Mar-April) as growth begins and again in early June with the start of summer rains.  Do not fertilize in the fall, which could promote late season tender growth that can be damaged by early frosts.

    Pruning: Pruning consists of the removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches, maintaining size (width within your landscape).

    Watering: Newly planted trees should be watered regularly. This is the most critical step in the establishment of your new trees. See watering section under "How to plant and grow"

    Maintenance: Easy

    USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-9  grown successfully from Maine and New York, west to Illinois and Wisconsin and south to east Texas and Florida

    Size Shipped 1yr old 18-36" Treeband container grown

    Available for pickup at farm Treeband, 3-gallon, 7-gallon, 15-gallon, 30-gallon, 45-gallon and 65-gallon trees. 

    Please call for quantity prices for larger sizes, and shipping costs.



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