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Dr. Deer Pear

Dr. Deer Pear - Dr. Deer Pear
Dr. Deer Pear - Dr. Deer Pear
Dr. Deer Pear - Dr. Deer Pear
Item #: Dr. Deer Pear
Availability: Fall ship only to Zones 8a-9 this late!
Price: $31.95


    This was discovered by Dr. James Kroll in Texas.

    Wildlife pear that ripens in late fall and holds on the tree until Thanksgiving!

    The real benefit to using Dr. Deer pears is that they have small fruit in clusters and tend to hold onto them well into late fall.

    Fruit is excellent for deer and wildlife, and will bring them in throughout the hunting season. Grafted. Hardy in Zones 5-9.

    Size Shipped 1yr old 18-36" container grown. Trees are grafted Self-Fertile - $31.95. * $2.00 royalty fee added.

    Price does not include Shipping and Handling.

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    Spring trees are shipped bareroot without soil or a container.

    Tree Form: Central Leader

    Mature Height: 20'-30'

    Mature Spread: 10'-20'
    Fruit: Yellow/russet (when ripe) ripens Nov-Dec, 3-5 years
    Wildlife: One of very best trees for deer and wildlife.
    Pollination: Self Fertile-Grafted
    Light requirements: Full sun
    Soil type: Adapted to upland, wet if only seasonal and well drained or sandy clay or loam; Ph 6.0-7.0
    Pruning: Pear trees should be pruned annually in the winter when they are dormant. See Pruning section under "How to plant and grow"

    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 5-9

    Available at farm for pickup: 3-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.