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Millennia Blueberry

Item #: Millennia Blueberry
Availability: Pick up only - May 2018
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    Millennia is one of the more widely planted varieties in north-central Florida.

    Millennia was released as a patented variety by the University of Florida breeding program in 2001 as a southern highbush. It is a medium to high vigor and has a spreading, rather than an upright, growth habit, producing a heavy load of flower buds in the fall. Young plants should be winter pruned the first 2 years to prevent over-fruiting and to enhance early leafing. Millennia berries are very firm, equal to star. The flavor is good, although it can be somewhat bland on poorly-leafed or overloaded plants.

    Dormant plants have withstood temperatures of 18° F. without damage.

    Chill hours 350, USDA plant zone 8b-9a

    Available for pickup at the farm 1-gallon and 3-gallon.