Winter/Spring 2016

It's Time to place your order for the Winter/Spring shipping season for 2016!!

Tentative Winter/Spring Shipping Schedule

Plant Zones 8-9 in January-February

Plant Zones 7-8 in February-March
Plant Zones 5-6 in late March-April

*All 1yr old trees shipped during the Winter/Spring season are bareroot and dormant.

If you are wanting larger sized Dunstan Chestnut Trees, Deer Candy & Deer Magnet Persimmons.

Stay tuned. We will be shipping to select retail stores.

The list of select retail stores, locations and when they will be arriving will be posted here and emailed to our customers starting in February to southern states first then finishing with the northern states!

You can join our email list to receive a list of retail stores, locations & when they will be arriving.


Chestnut Magic Bag-2

Chestnut Magic Is The Potent, Portable Deer Attractant In A Bag! Where to purchase Chestnut Magic?

Among the retailers carrying Mossy Oak Bio•Logic® Addiction’s Chestnut Magic are Walmart, Amazon, Cabela’s, Kmart, Tractor Supply Company, Academy, Shopko, Mill's Fleet Farm, Rural King, Farm King, Co-op Feed Dealers and Farm and Home Supply along with many other fine retailers.

If you prefer to place an order directly through us please

click Link below to place your chestnut magic order.

Chestnut Magic



We ship our trees via UPS Ground during the Spring and Fall

according to your USDA plant Zone and the weather at the time.

Tentative Spring Shipping Schedule

Plant Zones 8-9 in January-February

Plant Zones 7-8 in February-March
Plant Zones 5-6 in late March-April

Tentative Fall Shipping Schedule

Plant Zones 6 in late September
Plant Zones 7-8 in October
Plant Zones 8-9 in November

Our revolutionary new product!


The Ultimate Deer Attractant

In tests by Dr. James Kroll, deer chose Dunstan Chestnuts 100:1 over acorns! Now you can harness the attracting power of chestnuts with Chestnut Magic TM

The Best Food Plot Tree

The American Chestnut was the primary mast tree for wildlife in the eastern U.S., until it was killed by the Chestnut Blight. The blight resistant Dunstan Chestnut makes possible the replanting of the American hardwood forests with the tree that produces more high quality food per acre than oaks or other trees.

Video - R.D. Wallace discusses the Dunstan Chestnut

The Best Food Plot Tree

How to Plant a Chestnut Tree

Click the following link for detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to plant your new chestnut trees!


is now part of Mossy Oak Biologic Whitetail Addiction Attractants.

Now available at WALMART,  Dick's Sporting Goods,  Academy, and many Farm stores across the Northeast.